Varadkar – “Time to bring an end to a culture where wrong is done but no one is held to account”

MINISTER FOR SOCIAL Protection Leo Varadkar has called for the six questions asked by garda whistle-blower Maurice McCabe to be answered “in full, before any Tribunal is up and running”.

His statement comes amid reports that both Varadkar and Minister Simon Coveney have told fellow Fine Gael TDs to prepare for an early election, and they have called an early parliamentary meeting to discuss these election preparations.

Speaking in the Dáil this evening, Varadkar said that previous Tribunals have “taken many years and have not always led to the truth” so McCabe deserved answers to these questions now.

He added that it was “time to bring an end to a culture where wrong is done but no one is held to account”.

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20 years on from the Brigit McCole Case, Michael Noonan still in power, victims still the enemy…

Letter shows State saw Bridget McCole not as the victim but as the enemy

From the start of his involvement with the aftermath of the hepatitis C debacle, Michael Noonan seemed determined to hold the departmental line. This meant, firstly, insisting that the expert group report published in February 1995 was the last word on the scandal.

Secondly, it involved an insistence that the victims should be compensated through the tribunal established for that purpose rather than through the courts. The tribunal made awards without admission of liability, whereas the courts would seek to establish, in essence, who was to blame.

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